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Benedict is a magnificent exotic animal as an actor, isn’t he? He doesn’t look like a normal person; he rarely plays normal people. He plays exceptional people. But Martin finds a sort of poetry in the ordinary man. I love the fastidious realism of everything he does. I believe everything he does. It’s brand new on every take. That sequence in episode 3 where he’s sniffing his fingers and noticing the disinfectant and every time he did it – I watched it in the rushes – I was thinking, ‘It’s like he’s genuinely noticed it every time’. It’s extraordinary.
Steven Moffat, “A Study In Pink” DVD commentary
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#So I finally got a decent copy of this article on Sherlock 2 from GQ UK, January 2012. Below is a type up by me. Do tell if there’s any typos. And please link back to this post if reposting.

Sherlock - Five things you need to know about the dapper detective’s new series.

It’s the scariest Sherlock yet…

“There’s a big difference between the three episodes this year,” says co-creator Mark Gatiss, “and, of course, you can’t do Sherlock without admitting that people get killed. For me, The Hound Of The Baskervilles is one of the great horror stories that never quite delivers on its horror. So we [in a second episode ‘The Hounds Of Baskerville’, starring Russell Tovey] had a chance to go for it!”

…but also the closest to the original stories

“We’re taking elements of the books quite liberally this time,” says co-creator Steven Moffat. “It’s a magpie approach; another story may have a great idea that we’ll put in. But it’s quite overt; the short story ‘A Scandal In Bohemia’ becomes our ‘A Scandal In Belgravia’, the novel The Hound Of The Baskervilles becomes our ‘The Hounds Of Baskerville.’”

Sherlock gets a girlfriend!

Well, sort of. “It’s a non-love story,” says Moffat of “A Scandal In Belgravia”, where he meets Irene Adler (True Blood’s Lara Pulver). “But if one woman could claim him, it would be her. Not Sherlock in love, but Sherlock and love. In the stories, he’s not saying he doesn’t feel these things, but that he mustn’t feel them.”

And a love scene!

“Er, well,” squirms Pulver when quizzed about a possible Sherlock sex scene. “I would say there’s a lot of intimacy. And passion… A lot of chemistry…” Yes, yes, yes, but do you get down to it? “Well, it’s complex. Let’s say we leave a lot to the imagination. We leave it ambiguous.”

Sherlock will use more tech

“One of the things we established last year is that Sherlock is always at the cutting edge,” says Gatiss. “Why wouldn’t he be? He’s not a fogey. He needs to be across everything. He’s the person hovering over his computer getting a Kremlin tan.” SM

Doctor Who versus Sherlock

How similar are Sherlock and the Doctor? We ask the writer of both stylish super-geniuses, Steven Moffat.

“The Doctor is lovely and warm and cuddly and silly and very emotional - and values all the things Sherlock doesn’t.

They’re both in the tradition of the Edwardian adventurer. The nice thing they have in common is that intelligence is their secret power.

Sherlock is a bit of a b******.”

Sherlock returns to BBC One next month.

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too much awesomeness 
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“Unbeknown to them, like any sort of great relationship or any great chemistry, they … without knowing it they realise they’ve met the right person so that, by the end of the first night they’ve spent together hanging out, they realise that they’re gonna be very, very good friends, you know, ’cause they’re a perfect foil for each other. John is … in a way he’s like Sherlock’s kind of moral compass, because Sherlock’s mind is so genuinely brilliant, he doesn’t always stop to consider the whys and wherefores or the rights or wrongs of what is, and John is kind of like his moral barometer there. And he’s a more decent person, in a way, than Sherlock, because he’s more normal, you know. Sherlock is genuinely extraordinary.” - Martin Freeman (Unlocking Sherlock)
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While I did read the books, I didn’t go too far into looking at previous incarnations, there being something like.. well over 230 in different languages. He’s the most portrayed literary character ever. A lot of my prep was spent learning the ridiculous volume of lines that Steven and Mark have written for me. It takes a lot of effort to memorize all of that.

Other preparation; a bit of weight loss, but healthily so. Swimming and Bikram Yoga, to get those cheek bones sharp and interesting. And then, yeah, I just thought about it an awful lot. I had some violin lessons. At least knowing how to hold and bow and tune. A bit of firearms practice. That never goes amiss. And then.. That’s about it. Then we got on and did it.
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BAFTA Awards 2011
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… Mark: “My hair is dyed to match Benedict’s hair.”
Benedict: “My hair is dyed to match … whose?”
Martin: “Sherlock’s!”
Mark: “To match Sherlock Holmes’! We thought that might be a good idea!”
Benedict: “It’s not a bad start!”
Mark: “Do you think there is a family likeness?”
Benedict: “I do.”
Mark (giggling): “How?! Mysteriously, I’ve got the Holmes nose.”
Benedict: “Yeah, mine’s a bit more flat and snubby and retroussé than it should be for Holmes. They’ve lit me very angularly so I throw a profile every now and again.”
Martin: “They’ve lit me very roundly. That’s why I look round. Otherwise I look very chiselled in real life.”
Mark: “You do look chiselled.”
Martin: “Chiselled out of what? Plasticine?!”
Mark: “Umm, blancmange!”
Benedict: “Polystyrene. … Marshmallow!” …

(via Ariane DeVere - “Sherlock” Episode 3 – ‘The Great Game’ DVD commentary)

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And every minute spent off camera with Martin Freeman was my favorite moment.

— Benedict Cumberbatch [on his favorite moments of Sherlock]
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“I used to swim in this pool and if anyone had ever told me that one day you’ll be making Sherlock Holmes in that pool I would have said…sorry I can’t hear you I’m swimming.”

Mark Gatiss - The Great Game Commentary

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Unbeknown to them like any great relationship or any great chemistry, without knowing it they realize they’ve met the right person.
— - Martin Freeman on Sherlock and John
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He is one of us.

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