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Thank you so much to everyone who has signed the card for Steven Moffat, Amanda Abbington, and Caitlin Blackwood! The card already has over 3,600 signatures and it hasn’t even been 24 hours since it went online!

If you haven’t signed the card already, please do! We want to show these people that our fandom(s) are above bullying and sending death threats. Let’s shower them with love!


Now, I have two things to ask of you all:

1. The card has gotten so long, it’s hard for me to go through every page fixing things. Please, if you happen to notice anything wrong with the card (messages on top of each other, duplicates, anything inappropriate, etc.) could you let me know what the problem is and what page it is on so I can fix it? I will still go through and do what I can, but it would be a big help if you all would point me in the right direction.

2. While the original idea was to send this as an e-card, I think it would be very cool if we could actually have it printed and mailed to them. GroupCard prints book versions of cards for $30 USD each, so if we want to send one to Steven, Amanda, and Caitlin we will need $90.

I’ve set up a PayPal account specifically to gather money for this. If you have an extra dollar or two to put toward the project, it would be much appreciated! I think the two fandoms can easily cover the cost if we work together.

The email address for the PayPal account is

If the account receives too much money (over $90), all extra funds will be donated to anti-bullying projects on Same goes for if we don’t receive enough money to print the books at all.


Thank you all again! I’m so happy to see the huge response this has gotten! :)

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