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Sherlock's attractiveness throughout the seasons


season 1:

adorable little puppy


season 2:

damn boy cut me off  slice o dat


season 3:



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bafta worthy

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  just saying.  
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Hair ruffle
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"I like dancing"
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His speech
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I miss Irene so much.
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Yes, sir. Of course, sir. (X)

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Happy birthday Mark Gatiss! 
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A Study in Mobile Phones
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The Return (x)

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I dunno but this kind of just made my day

The best thing about this is their eyes:

John’s eyes are warm and sunny.
Mycroft’s eyes are a bit dead, and rid of emotion.
Sherlock’s eyes are smirky, like he’s planning your humiliating demise.

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Looking for a fanfic [R-rated]

Hi! Maybe someone can help me out. [WARNING: this is heavy R-rated stuff] I'm looking for a Johnlock fanfic I read a while ago where Sherlock is asexual but doesn't want John to know. So he orders viagra (or something) over the internet to make it seem like he has a libido because pills are the only way he can get an erection.  Then he takes the pills every time prior to having sex with John. John, of course, finds out and is shell-shocked, thinking he's raped Sherlock all this time.
I thought I had it saved to the computer but none of my searches turned it up.
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