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Wonderfully edited Johnlock video with the best Johnlock kiss to date right at the end.
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Pieta ♦Please (little sequel to this )
..he dragged him out of the water. immediately john felt the pain, which he ignored earlier. he checked the detective’s pulse and made sure if his condition was stable. sherlock still was  unconscious.'don't you dare, to pass away… please.. don’t’

...he dragged him out of the water. Immediately, John felt the pain which he'd ignored earlier. He checked the detective’s pulse to make sure his condition was stable: Sherlock still was  unconscious.

'Don't you dare pass away… please.. don’t’

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Homaging the classics.

Homaging the classics.

omg, laughing so hard right now! This cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be a coincidence!

(oh, and that's the Disney version of the Watson/Holmes duo on top there, in case you didn't know.)
If the BBC had been behind Disney's Great Mouse Detective
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what are they trying to tell us








they are trying to tell you that they gay

hella gay

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Sherlock in “His Last Vow”, 03x03

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that’s it

that’s the show

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“He’s dead. He shot himself in the brain stem. Nothing can survive that. The human body can survive the loss of anything else but the brain stem. He’s dead. We brought him back in to be a dead body. And, in fact, it was cheaper to get Andrew Scott than a mannequin. But he’s dead.” - Steven Moffat


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