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My "first reaction" to this "first look": What the hell?!
I mean, what the fuck is going on here? This looks like we are plunging straight into fanfic and if this isn't a DW timetravel crossover I don't particularly want to have this around.
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Married To The Job

“If you know who I am, then you know who he is … “

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I bet you wanted to see the new Sherlocked Christmas Special poster….but I guess you never expected this. Looks like they let Mofftis make the posters.

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"Narrow it down"
well-edited, gritty Sherlock vid. Enjoy!
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"Human Error"
I just re-watched this gorgeous vid for the upteenth time and it made my heart clench and break all over again because my god! Sherlock is just so desperately, hopelessly in love with John.
This will forever remain my OTP, I've just realised.
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