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I bet you wanted to see the new Sherlocked Christmas Special poster….but I guess you never expected this. Looks like they let Mofftis make the posters.

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well-edited, gritty Sherlock vid. Enjoy!
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"Human Error"
I just re-watched this gorgeous vid for the upteenth time and it made my heart clench and break all over again because my god! Sherlock is just so desperately, hopelessly in love with John.
This will forever remain my OTP, I've just realised.
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“What did he say?”

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the knocker
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This made me laugh.

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New Muchalock Master Post

An explanation for the flora in the top of each frame:

Mycroft is shown with roses, partly because roses are a symbol of England, but mostly because I couldn’t resist the visual pun of having Mycroft standing literally under the roses when everything he does is sub rosa.  Sherlock is shown with laurel, which symbolizes victory but also pride; John is shown with English oak , which symbolizes strength and courage;  Lestrade with irises, which are associated with faith, valor, friendship and wisdom.

Sally is shown under the tansy flower, which symbolizes hostile thoughts.  Anthea is under a blackberry.   Molly is shown under the shy violet, a symbol of humility - apparently it doesn’t think it counts.  The brambles over Anderson’s head are prickly and intrusive - but you could probably use them to fed your pet dinosaur.

Henry has wolfsbane over his head.  Mrs. Hudson favors lavender, a universal symbol for hominess and little old ladies, but it is also a tough and hardy plant which can thrive in a wide variety of environments (though it doesn’t do well with damp; that may account for the trouble with the hip.) Mike’s peaches are a symbol of abundance, but are there mostly just because he’s peachy.  Sholto’s red poppies symbolize fallen soldiers.

Magnussen is pictured with hemlock.  Mary with the flowers of the Judas tree.  Irene is shown with green willow, which is very flexible and willow rods are sometimes used for discipline.  Jim is, of course, shown under deadly nightshade.

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