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I received a request on DevArt inquiring about a possible tutorial on how I draw Gatiss. Hope this helps.

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you have to love something
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I have known that >;0

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aw cheesy gay

who the fuck actually allowed the production of these promos

^ I’m gonna say Godtiss. He ships Johnlock so damn hard. It’s beautiful.

ok but

can someone draw the bottom half of this?

“Sherlock, it’s Koala Day!”

“No, Jawn.”


“Fine. FINE.”

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“Evening. This is a turn up, isn’t it? Sherlock?

“Johh, what the hell—”

“Bet you never saw this coming.” 

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I finally thought of a Sherlock valentine! Unfortunately, it’s completely tasteless. Oh well.

more tasteless valentines here 

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takie tam z Szerlim
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I can sense potential meme here
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He should promote some bedclothes collection. I don't know. Do such things even happen? :T
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