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"And then he punched me in the face"
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"Also the music, I mean...this is practically porn."
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awwww! After watching the entire series my first thought was: he's like Hauru, somehow. And here he is!  Hau-lock :D
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I see what you did there!
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But initially, he wanted to be a pirate.
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Dashboard Tumblr-fessional - SaintDorianGray (Katy Perry Firework Parody)
 opener by barackfuckingobama 
also known as “How many fandoms can SDG cram into one fucking song?”

Do you ever feel like a Sherlock fan
Crying on a Roof wanting to eat some Jam?
Do you ever feel like a Whovian?
Watching Rory die time and time again

Do you ever feel the Supernatural
You smell the sulfur, so you get the motherfucking salt?
Did you know that there’s a place for you?
There’s others just like you.

You gotta enter your password and username.
Then scroll and see the Tumblr memes

‘Cause baby I’m a fandom girl
The coolest kind in all the world
I’ll turn your heteroh-oh-oh
into homosexual-al-al
Baby, I’m a fandom girl
I’ll show you how I see the world
I’ll turn your platoni-i-ic   
Into begging for some di-i-ick

Here’s proof that Dean and Cas are just as canon as
Arthur and Merlin, the warlock and his prat
You see the parallels between Destiel
And Shwatsonlock the time that Sherlock fell

I’ll beg you to ignore all of the shipping wars
If you like Ten/Master or if Amy Pond is a whore
But the Avengers, never pretend there’s
nothing between Steve and Tony


Fuck you, I 
won a BAFTA twi-i-ice
If two characters fi-i-ight
It means they’re fucking at ni-i-ight

‘Cause baby I’m fandom’s bitch
I won’t apologize for this
I’ll turn your heteroh-oh-oh
into homosexual-al-al
It seems these characters are sluts
But I love Tumblr too much
I’ll turn your platoni-i-ic
Into begging for some di-i-ick

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He needs him

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